Sunday, March 18, 2007


Marthas Vineyard July 2003
A lazy beginning to Sunday morning, and I was diving into a plate of bacon, toast and a great omelette (fresh tomatoes, old cheddar, green salsa) as I surfed here and there on the lap top set up at the end of the counter in our kitchen. I noted that the Texas Photographic Society’s 15th annual National Competition winners were announced. No, I had not entered, but was looking through the list to see if anyone I knew was listed. While I recognized a couple of names, there was no one I knew. My other interest was seeing how many of these people selected was also on the list of portfolios I reviewed for Critical Mass – only two.

However the most interesting part of my discovery this morning, was the amazingly detailed "juror’s statement" by Harris Fogel. Fogel is the head of Media Arts at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I have never read such a detailed account of "why these images" and not those. BRAVO, Harris, good on you.

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