Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Waco, Texas 1987

Seeing again images I made 20 years or so ago has got me all worked up to the point that I will probably make myself another book. Over the past year I have made small books about places I've been, and projects I've photographed. They have been well recieved by just about everyone, and have even led to exhibitions and print sales. Since I am revisiting a large number of color negs shot 20+ years ago, I have decided that I will post each day or so an image I like bunches for any number of reasons (has to possiblility to get sentimental). Remember this is totally about me, and if you don't like what I'm putting on the blog.....well, write me, make comment.....ya' know?


Billie said...

Keep 'em coming.
Don't you also have this one or something similar in B&W?

pitchertaker said...

I essentially have the same image on an 8x10 B&W neg. Interesting that you remembered. It's framed a little different because of the format. I alway like it in the color version because the only living vine is easier identified as it reaches toward the La Raza symbol.

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