Sunday, May 06, 2007


Habana Viejo, Cuba 2003

" Ooooh, oooh, Di-annn-a" -- one amazing person. This past week I was on the senior thesis review of Diana Levine, a former student and graduating senior. This woman is nothing short of amazing with energy levels that would equal the combine energy of 10 normal people. During her college career at Clark, not only did she double major in psychology and studio art/photographer, but she also created and published two magazines -- Stir (see current issue here)and Point-n-Shoot (current issue here) -- one magazine would have been enough for any normal person. My fellow teacher, Stephen DiRado, tells the story talking with her in the office one day, and how she was telling him of her exhaustion with too much to do with Stir, not enough time to meet deadlines, not enough ad monies coming, assigned stories were all late, etc., and as she was leaving, she turned and said: Oh, by the way, I've started another magazine called Point-n-Shoot. The image I have posed above is gracing the front and back cover of the current issue, and I have another 12 pages inside. Since the theme was "international travel" I gave her images from Venice, Florence, London, and Cuba. Not only was she publishing two magazines while being a full-time student, she has also interned at JANE Magazine, Boston Magazine, and had a one semester scholarship to The Tisch School for the Arts in NYC where she studied design and photography. During critique in our photo classes she would hang (pin to the wall) 20-30 prints each week where most students would hang 5-6. And since she couldn't sit still during these classes, she would knit during critique. Stephen tells other students who are thinking about photography careers: "Be nice to Diana, you'll be working for her in five years!" Good on her. She'll fly high.


Billie said...

Wow, this is a woman I'd love to meet. Does she have a web site besides the magazines.

pitchertaker said...

Yeah, here -- if you visit, tell her you know me.


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