Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Valentine's Mane, Santa Fe, New Mexico 2006

It has been a rough week what with alternating between hugging and sitting on the “great white throne.” While not over it, yet, I can at least see my monitor, and think clearly enough to make a blog entry. Maybe this won't be all that clear....

Now six hours later I still have not finished this entry. So, here is an image of my niece's Arabian mare's mane. It's peaceful and comforting which gives me some calm after the past few days.


CodyandMichelle said...

Sorry you are feeling so miserable. Hope your up and at it soon!

pitchertaker said...

Not quite sure that "miserable" covers it. But, thanks, Cody, it's goin' slow. uh...gotta' go.


Håkan Dahlström said...

That's a hairy dog... Or isn't it?

pitchertaker said...

hakan: Arabian mare's mane.


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