Thursday, June 21, 2007

Waco, Missouri today, June 21. 2007, the deer is on the way to Waco.

No cemeteries today. Not that I didn't visit any, but none of them had any signage, and one was mis-named in the GNIS database. Oh well. However, I was able to add to my collection of dead animals. GASP! Dead animals. This small collection of images started back in the 70's when I photographed a dead coyote hanging on a fence in the country outside of Austin, Texas. Since then I have made images whenever I find animals that have met death at the hands of man for one reason or another. The coyote, I'm sure, was killed by a rancher -- ranchers hate coyotes. This deer was most likely hit by a passing vehicles last evening. She had not begun to bloat. But it was her position next to the road that appealed to me. I have long been wanting to find a deer that had been involved with a run-in with a vehicle on the highway, but most of them are fairly mangled and bloody. This one wasn't. I also shot it in B&W, but not the particular view.

OH, Ellen, Waco has changed a bit since we were last there.....

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