Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The mood has passed. That is passed out of me. I’m just not willing to push the shutter release anymore….. on this trip. I’m tired, and I’ve been on the road long enough. And Libbie and Ellen tell me there is a serious plumbing problem at the house that needs my attention. So now it is drive until I get there. I’ve put the cameras away. Besides, it's raining.

Breezed through Chicago area this morning, but decided to visit the Steeple Gallery in St. John, IN. This gallery is owned and operated by my long time friend’s daughter, Sam. I have photographs of Sam when she was two years old. Her parents, Mike and Sandy Dalkilic, were my neighbors in Austin back in the early 70’s. While I was at the gallery, he called from Turkey….yes, his is a Turk, shaved head and all. I loved them since the first day I met them. Happy 70th, Mike.

Sam's gallery is very beautiful, and filled wonderful art.

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Billie said...

Sorry to hear you are going to head for home on the other hand, I understand how you must be feeling physical and visual fatigue. I think you got some good ones on this trip.

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