Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Well, you can guess from the above that I finally made it to the west coast. Of course, we had to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge -- a rite of passage. We also drove the Lombard St. hill. Having family fun. But on the way down toward Monterey we wound up in a freeway parking lot and it took us better than 1.5 hours to go about 10 miles.....grrrrrr. The middle image is family game playing -- Ellen made up a trivia game about the family, asking things like "Who did what when" -- fill in the blanks with the right name. Learn a little family history, a little of the family stories and tales, drink a little wine or beer, get loose, have some fun. The last image is why we are here -- that's Jim Majors and Elizabeth Majors, the two remaining out of eight brothers and sisters, also known as the Tribe of Dan, Dan Majors, that is, their father. My connection is to Elizabeth, my mother-in-law.

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