Monday, August 06, 2007


Ellen and I returned last evening from a visit to the Jersey Shore. I see that fellow blogger, Mark Hobson, has just done the same, abet opposite ends of the state. No matter, his assessment of the heat and humidity are understated. It was painful to take a breath it was so hot. Our hosts were most gracious, and served us a wonderful grilled tuna dinner (out doors, of course). Sleeping was difficult, for our friends house does not have, miracle of all miracles of inventions, air conditioning. Hard to sleep in a pool of sweat. The wine and the single malt did assist with dozing off rather quickly, thank God, but we slept lightly. The brief, middle of the night, thunderstorm and shower only made it more humid without any accompanying temperature relief. Finally by early morning, it had begun to cool, but we had agreed to an early walk on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach. So, get up, shower, put on clean clothes only to soak them in sweat during our stroll. I can't imagine a more uninteresting place when full of people than the boardwalk. I could kinda' get into photographing the people – maybe – but the heat drove me away. Even at 9 a.m. there are people heading to the beach for the day. Maybe their houses are without air conditioning and escape to the ocean is their only relief from the unrelenting heat. I offer a few views of the Jersey Shore. If ever I go back, it will be when the temperature is forecast to be no higher than 65F. I'm ready for summer to be over.


Dave said...

You were at the wrong coast. We're just back from Astoria and the Washington coast. High temp of 68. Lovely. No pics, however, as it was B's birthday trip and I didn't want to seem more interested in a camera than her.


pitchertaker said...

Nah, not the wrong coast, just the wrong part of the left coast. WX fine here in central MA, even took the dog for a walk last evening. I worry you place your marriage over photography :-)


bridget kane said...

Love the barstool and the mens room shots! Totally the kind of beauty I would expect you to find on the good ol' Jersey Shore.

Also, The Goonies was shot in Astoria, Oregon. It is a childhood dream to visit there.

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