Monday, August 13, 2007

Noting that my liquor supply was seriously depleted from being gone all summer, I decided to make a run to the New Hampshire State Stores which the closest is about 30 miles north of here. And what better excuse to throw the digital cameras in the truck and maybe find a image or two along the way. While thunderstorms did thwart my photographic efforts, I did manage the two above images in Fitchburg, MA. Who knew you could buy used sky parts? And if it had not been set in stone, I would never have recognized this structure as a building. But getting back to the real purpose of my day trip – liquor. My wife and I are big fans of tequila and single malts. We have become fond of the Jose Cuervo “Traditional”100% Blue Agave Reposado tequila, and you can buy it in NH in the 1.75 ltr bottles. As luck would have it, they had it on sale today. YES! And there are several single malts that make my fav list: Highland Park 12-yr has long been a favorite; Ellen really likes Abelour 12-yr, double cask; more and more I keep coming back to several different Bowmores. An Islay malt, Bowmore is one of the lessor known malts, but their 12-yr, sherry cask is good; their “Darkest Islay”-- sherry cast is nothing short of spectacular, and their 15-yr “Mariner” is truly an offering for the angels. But today, they had no Mariner and I had to settle for their 18-yr....sigh I should also mention that I've become rather fond of Glenlevit's 15-yr, French Oak Finish, very complex without the big peat overtones of the Bowmores. Onward.


Billie said...

Frank, I really like the building photograph. You always find the quirky.

pitchertaker said...

Quirky, huh. I was in a quirky mood yesterday morning as I walked Water Street in Worcester, camera in hand:


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