Sunday, January 27, 2008


All right, OK, enough of the elevators already(for now). I was looking back over some images I made in 2005 while driving around the country west of Socorro, New Mexico. Stumbled on a old adandoned ranch house down a forest service road that runs along the base of the Magdalena Mountains. I spent parts of several days photographing in and around this old house. The above was in one of the bedrooms and had a strong patch of sunlight hitting the floor causing uneven illumination on this wall. I found a piece of old white painted wall board in the kitchen and placed it leaning on the tripod in the direct sunlight so it would reflect light into the upper part of the image. I'll try to find some the images made by Oliver Gagliani that inspired this one. I was an assistant at Oliver's Virginia City Workshop for seven summers back in the mid-80's.

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