Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Albuquerque, New Mexico 2006

Somedays, you just can't get it right. I saw this while driving north on I-25 into Albuquerque. Of course, it was on the south-bound lanes side forcing me to continue up almost to the airport exit -- a good five or so miles, then back down the south side. A New Mexico state trooper didn't like me being on the side of the road with a camera until I pointed out to him what I was photographing. He laughed and kept a lookout for me until I got loaded and ready to leave. A friendly wave and I was off to next exit south (about five or so miles) to turn and continue my original heading. That's always the problem with photographing along the Interstates, if you see something while zooming along 75-80 mph (speed limits on the Interstates in New Mexico is 75), hard to find a place to legally turn around and get back to it. Yeah, there have been times that I've shifted into 4WD and crossed over via the median. But there have also been a number of times that I said "I'll try to remember the next time I'm down this way." Funny how I never remember.


Anonymous said...

Great shot, Frank. I also got a kick out of the trooper story---nice to hear that not all police officials are working "by the book" and pushing photographers around.

I have really been enjoying this series. Sorry I haven't taken the time to comment before this. Good thing you are in snow country for winter---keeps you busy with the scanner and sharing your images. Thanks!


pitchertaker said...

Would that I could escape these winter blues and the whir of the scanner's motor by heading to the great SW....sigh. I'm living in the light of my "LCD moon" these days....


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