Saturday, February 23, 2008


Socorro County, New Mexico 2005

I am totally sold on Innova's FibraPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss paper printed with my new Epson 3800 printer. For the past 3.5 years, I been printing on my person Epson 2200 and the schools Epson 4000. Color printed on these printers were spectacular on just about any good paper, but only barely acceptable when using QTR RIP to make B&W prints. About 18-months ago, I printed three large 16x20" print area prints with the 4000 onto a roll of 17" Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper. The images were of old pealing and moldy wallpapers. Framed behind glass they looked very good, but still the image seemed to sit on the surface of the paper. While I haven't printed those same images using this new Innova FPUSG, I have printed the above image both on 8.5x11 and 13x19 on the new paper. Any digital print with that many deep tones has always suffered in tonal merger in the lowest tones. Not any longer. Now images printed on this paper have great separation of low tones, brilliant highlights, great mid-tone contrast, and now the image resides in depth below the paper's surface. I can't wait to get some 17x22" Innova FPUSG and print this image again. Actually I will wait, or have to sell into slavery my first born to afford it -- 50 sheets cost about $6.75/sht. That's about a dollar more than Ilford Fiberbased Warmtone 20x24" silver paper. I don't know if the ink used to print a piece of 17x22" paper is the same cost as the chemicals need to process a sheet of 20x24" paper is the same or not. Hell of a lot less messy.

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