Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Brewster County, Texas 2003

During January of 2003, along with two other photographers, I spent a couple of weeks in the Big Bend area of Texas. Over the past 25 years or so, I have made many, many trips into that remote desert country. For some reason, in all those years, I had never driven the "North County Road" that takes off TX Hwy 170 between Terlingua and Study Butte and intersects TX Hwy 118 that runs between Alpine and Study Butte. Funny thing, at that northern intersection with the highway, that same road is listed and signed as "South County Road." Go figure. On this particular trip, we found this old fire truck that had obviously been parked for many years at a ranch headquarters entrance road. The desert sun had done many wonderous things to that old truck, one which is represented above. That's the truck's seat back.


My Camera World said...

Wow. The textures and patterns are just great on this image.

My first though before I read the text was that it was a couch. Not far off in someways.

Niels Henriksen

Dave said...

I've seen some amazing stuff in your portfolio over the years, but this one ranks right up there. It must be a terrific as a framed print.

pitchertaker said...

Niels and Dave: Thanks....this one does make a lovely print. I have printed this both in silver and digitally -- both are great. The Innova FibraPrint Ultra Smooth Gloss make a print hard to tell from a good silver print, BTW. At least when printed on my new Epson 3800 -- that combo is the best I've seen to date.


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