Friday, March 21, 2008


Clifton, Texas 2008

I rarely brag on my own images, just doesn't seem like a good idea. But I really, REALLY like this image on so many different levels. Over the years I have made several images where the noun doesn't agree with the object. I have another image made 15 years ago that says "Woman" over a restroom door in Renovo, PA. It just shows that persistence pays off. I knew if I looked long enough, somewhere I would find a "Men" sign. I guess in another 15 years maybe I'll find one that say "Man" on the door. I have another image where the sign over an outhouse says "Wemon" to designate the gender preferred. But I digress, there are many deeper reasons for liking this image. I love the shape of the building as in knifes across the frame, I like the repeating wheel shapes that move across the image, I like the way I was able to frame it inside and outside.....and so on. I even like the colors, soft but rich, a mixture of warms and cools. Yeah, I like this image. Most of all, I like it because it's an old Texas place.

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Billie said...

Frank, this is a pretty sophisticated image. It is broken into so many graphical spaces of windows, doors, buildings, inside-outside etc. Warm and cool. But it all comes together. I can see why you really like this one.

Hey, "old" get more sophisticated every year!

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