Wednesday, March 12, 2008


West, Texas 2008

Yes, there is a town north of Waco right on I-35 named West. In a number of ways, it's a slightly strange name especially when you consider it's an old Czech settlement, and it's not really west Texas. It's in central Texas, if you must ask. But West has a not so secret, secret -- kolaches. Oooooo, yum. Fresh hot kolaches with apricot filling from the Old Village Bakery. There's a new upstart kolache place down at the intersection of Oak St. and the Interstate, but the original Village bakery is in the middle of town, and without doubt, they make a superior kolache. I have never been able to go near West without being tempted to stop in for a kolache or two.

You might have noticed that I've titled this entry: THIS OLD TEXAS PLACE. For the next few weeks, I will be posting images made while in Texas the first week of March 2008. I enjoyed the luxury of wandering about my old stompin' grounds free to point my camera at anything that caught my eye. No, the above image is not the kolache bakery, it's just a leftover relic from another era. My sort of thing.

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