Friday, April 04, 2008


Barry, Texas 2008

In so many of the small towns, the USPS has taken away the older post office structures and replaced them with modern ugly buildings so not in keeping with everything else around them. I love seeing these rustic PO's like this one in Barry and the one in Mound I previously posted here. Sadly these good folks of Barry and Mound would probably, if given the opportunity, vote for a new facility.


Robyn said...

Interesting write-up this. Over here in the UK our postal service has just announced the closure of many post-offices in rural areas - leaving whole areas without access to services. When we go on holiday we stay in a fairly remote cottage. The nearest shop is five miles away. Buses are twice a day. At the moment there is a tiny Post office (in someone's house!) just half a mile along the road. This means that along the length of the road, no-one is ever further than 1.5 miles from a Post office. When we return next, that Post office will be gone, the post mistress will be out of work, and people wanting to send a parcel will have a ten-mile round trip to do so. Madness, in my view. I hope that the folks in Barry and Mound realise how lucky they are to have their office still there, old OR new!

pitchertaker said...

It's not that they would loose these PO's, but that a part of the character of the town would forever change with the replacing of these older charming -- well some not so charming -- structures with the new "cookie-cutter" buildings. P'taker

holliemia said...

I am from Barry. My dad actually built the bulletin board by the post office. I love the town and building.

pitchertaker said...

holliemia: I really appreciate your comment and personal info about your Dad's building skills. Thanks so much.

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