Thursday, April 10, 2008


Wortham, Texas 2008

That column of bricks on the right side of this image is the same column of bricks seen on the left side of yesterday's entry.....this is the side wall, the other is the front of the building. I'm never sure what attacts me to make images like this. Probably the randomness of the decay and distruction, and how my eye seeks order in the way this wall is falling apart. It's color fields and forms much like an abstract painter would perform, but here a slow natural progression has revealed the same process. I have at times told my students these images are sequences, not in the traditon of multiple images, but a "single image sequence" where the passage of time can be expressed. Some would argue that all images are "single image sequences" in that no subject is truly static -- even rocks age. I like to think some of my images as showing the pealing back the layers showing a progression of the aging process. Or not. I'm not a visual anthropologist trying to unravel the past to explain the present/future. That would be a bit too complicated, and too much like work. Mostly I'm just curious, and let's just leave it at that.

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