Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Seaton, Texas 2008

Along with yesterday's entry, I have three different versions of this porch with the "Rainbo Bread" sign on the screen doors. You'd get very nice screen doors if you let the advertise their bread. I'm still deciding which I like best -- care to express your opinion? However, a comment about the "rust spots" on the ceiling and wall from yesterday's posting prompted me to put up these other views from this old dance hall. Not rust spots at all, but merely little friendly spiders and their webs that have collected not only the insects that swarm around the light bulb on warm Texas nights, but also collect the dust and dirt kicked up by the swarms of pickup trucks that travel the dirt road about 30 feet from this building and the dirt parking lot wrapped around it. This image was made at the beginning of March and the placed hasn't been cleaned, yet, for the coming summer's activities. That said, another question: I bet very few people know why the ceiling of the porch is painted such a lovely shade of light blue. You find this is the color of choice for a lot of southern and southwestern porch ceilings. If you know why, please add a comment. BTW, I know the reason for the color.


Wild Cayuse Creek said...

I remember hearing a story on NPR about blue porch ceilings, and one of the reasons for it was that the blue was used to ward off evil spirits. I think they called the color "haint blue".

Anonymous said...

I was always told that it was to keep the mud daubers and wasps from building nests (because they think it's the sky).

Your loving wife

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