Sunday, September 14, 2008


Coxville, Travis County, Texas January 1976

Along about the time I became interested the things that people place in the landscape, I also began a life-long interest in signage. Along with those "things", the sometime associated signs became the cultural artifacts of what use to be. Obviously these things, signs, and places still exist, but they are of another time, a different generation. Coxville was a small settlement on the north side of Austin, and at one time, they had a zoo. It becomes a conundrum why they would only paint out the "Z" on their signs, rather than paint out the whole sign. Or just remove the signage entirely. People are funny that way, and it shows an interesting sense of irony that we don't see much anymore.

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Anonymous said...

A Buddhist temple has all but obliterated most of the entrance to the site, but some ruins still remain behind it where the city has built a park. The place is a favorite visiting spot for Austin-area urban explorers and history buffs. It's neat to see this pic of the entrance to the zoo so shortly after it closing forever.

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