Friday, September 26, 2008


Kent, Texas April 1980

I traveled a whole bunch during the year of 1980 -- from my old 4x5 b&w neg files, I have images in Tucson (Jan), Big Bend (March), West Texas (April), Dayton and Virginia City Nevada (Jun/July), all around central Texas during the fall, and finally back to Big Bend (Nov/Dec). But for me, one of the most haunting images was the one above. I have a silver print of it that is OK, but this new digital print I made today brought it all back. I think what came over me then and again today was the date on the front of the building -- me and that old building were the same age. I felt humbled that I had survived longer than mortar and stone. And now through the use of new tools I am finally able to fully express visually the image I knew I had made.

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