Thursday, October 23, 2008


Jerome, Arizona July 1982

Viewers might want to click the image to enlarge it so as to make the sign on the door readable. I always thought that most places used dogs as the guard animal of choice, in Arizona they have a different take on trying to keep intruders from entering.


Erika Sidor said...

That's a riot! I LOVE it. I am glad you told folks to click on it, otherwise you just see the keep out sign on the upper door.

FirstPersonArts said...

Another site from my youth. I saw many trips to Jerome from the back of my Dad's motorcycle, starting in 1986 when we moved from El Paso to Phoenix. Rattlesnakes are more an ambient hazard than protection. They lack a certain loyalty, you might say.

pitchertaker said...

I have only been to Jerome once, and even by the year of 1982 it was a "tourist" destination. I've never had the desire to go back.


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