Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Ten Degrees and gettin' colder..."

Chisos Mountain, Big Bend National Park, Texas February 25, 1995

It's cold in central Massachusetts this morning, and the forecast is for even colder tomorrow -- probably not out of the single digits. Whenever it gets this cold, for some reason unknown to me, I always start humming the old Gordon Lightfoot song: "Ten Degrees and Getting Colder." And the image above makes me shiver a little remembering how cold it was that early February morning. It wasn't 10-degrees, I was in Texas and not Colorado, and the day did warm after a bit, but my hands felt like they were sticking to the cold metal of the tripod legs. And I had to fire the shutter about a dozen times to get it going in the cold. Ah, the joys of using a view camera.


mainerinworcester said...

crazy exposure! Don't need no HDR.

pitchertaker said...

Yeah, no HDR, but makes me wonder how I would have handled that scene with the 5D2...mmmmmmmmmm (he says with smoke rising from the top of his head).


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