Sunday, January 11, 2009


Webster, Massachusetts Oct 1994

While I'm perfectly aware that it does not good to complain about the's snowing heavily again this morning. It is only January and already I'm very tired of winter. I guessing my glum feelings about this dark time of year pretty much started with the big ice storm, followed by the snow storm, followed by the mini-ice storm and now followed by yet another visitation by the Snow God. All of this has taken place within the period of one month. And the coming week is going to be very cold with Wednesday, Thrusday, Friday, and Saturday never getting above a forecast of 15F and lows below 0F -- Friday's forecast is for a high of 9F. And to top it all off, this coming week is the first week of the new semester. Therefore, the above image: "Is not OK." One bright spot, a former student brought me a bottle of my favorite tequila yesterday afternoon -- Gran Centenario Anejo Gold.

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