Sunday, February 01, 2009


Rough Run, Big Bend National Park, Texas February 1995

As I sit here thinking about places I'd rather be, Big Bend always comes to mind. We are in the depths of winters here in central Massachusetts, and I'm longing for the outdoors where there is a slowing of time and an expanse of space. Most people would haul to southeastern U.S. or the white beaches of the islands or Mexico. Give me the high desert of the southwest where there are almost no people you have to deal with. No lively nights of clubing and drinking, no crowed beaches, only air and light, and many places to stand and survey a landscape where there is little or no evidence of man. The above image is the view not 50-yards off the road on the west side of the park. If on any given day you would count the number of people that exist in this landscape image, my guess would be less than 300. The most distant of the mountains in this image are a good 80-90 miles to the west.

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