Tuesday, March 17, 2009


St Peter and St Paul's Church, Kovar, Texas
Upper -- 1 March 2009
Lower -- July 1970

The earlier image is when I first found this church out on the open prairie. Well, yes, it has some trees around it and the cemetery behind, but it faces out to a wide open pasture of pure Texas prairie. A block away to the north sits the local SPJST Hall, and down the road past the hall a couple of miles, is a Moravian church. Other than a house or two scattered about, that's about all there is over a 10-12 square miles area. Kovar is located about 10-or-so miles just off TX HWY 95 south of Smithville. It's ranch country that central Texas is famous for. The area was settled by a number different central Europeans, this area was by the Czechs. I have in my files photographs made of the interior of this church, but over the past 39 years, I have stopped by and made one or two more images around the outside. I'll post those later.

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