Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Austin, Texas 4 April 2009

Last Saturday morning while waiting for friends to arrive in town so we could do lunch, I decided to drive about downtown Austin just east of I-35. This has traditionally been the more down trodden area of Austin - even when I lived there back in the 1970's. Still is, although Austinites seem to strive to fashion the close-in neighborhoods after the eastside. However, gentrification is evident here and there in the low numbered streets just north of the river/lake. My bent has always been to seek the non-hidden but seldom noticed. Across the bottom of the poster in small letters, it says: "Everybody's Famous"......the picture sorta' looks like Amy Winehouse, no?

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Don and Sher said...

I hope it is, because I fear if there are two of her running loose.

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