Sunday, May 24, 2009


Red Rock, Texas 3 March 2009

I first photographed this old gas station in the mid-70's, and I must admit it was "deja vous all over again" when we passed through Red Rock during our trip this past March. Still standing after nearly 40 years. But the real miracle is that so am I still standing with a camera in my hand. I find that truly amazing because 40 years ago I had no idea where my life (and wife) would take me; but that I'm still photographing with some gusto and loving it more. Loving the new technologies that are allowing me to move forward with a continued vision. While I may be shooting the same stuff, I feel that with the current state of the technologies I use, I'm able to look a little deeper. And that's a freeing experience. As to these two images of the old Liberty Garage at Red Rock, one is not better than the other, but they are different. The older image is more nostalgic and melancholy, but not because it's an older image, but rather how it represents another, older time -- the letters on the building, the flowers around the old pumps, the pealing paint on the pumps, etc. The newer color image is about endurance and character. These images are a lot like me, I think.


dig said...

Very cool comparison, Frank. Interesting how in the new image the scene feels so bare and stripped when compared with the 1977 photo. Are there animals housed in there now? It looks like fencing where the doors used to be. Amazing that the pumps are still there.


pitchertaker said...

Like I said, more amazing that I'm still here. The old garage is an extension of the building on the left side which is currently serving as a country store. The area behind the pumps is used for their storage.

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