Saturday, May 02, 2009


Worcester, Massachusetts 28 April 2009

I drive past this building everyday when going to Clark. Strange how I never notice the small white sign before last Wednesday especially since I've using using this same route for almost 10 years. Not having time to stop that day, I did make a special effort the next day. I was aware of the doorway and the mural above it, just not the sign. Worcester has many such building that are long vacant, and I have photographed the interior of three such buildings. Here's one.


luksky said...

Funny how we do by something millions of times and then one day just notice something that you have never noticed before. I always have to ask myself.."has this always been here or is it something new."

Louie said...

Do you have a pic of the mural?

pitchertaker said...

Louie -- nope, why you ask?

Louie said...

Oh, I just like the mural.

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