Monday, May 11, 2009


Templeton, Massachusetts 9 May 2009

These two old Ford pick-ups were at the entrace of a used auto parts establishment, or as we call it in Texas, a junk yard. While I was standing there, a woman drove up in a newer white GMC pick-up, got her mail out of the mail boxes, walked up to her side of the highway that separated us, and ask: "What are you talking pictures of?" I told her the two old truck, and she said: "There're for sale, you should buy one!" I pointed to my camera and said: "Can't I already spent all my money on this." She laughed and started walking back to her truck, and over her shoulder said: "You ought'a come inside, we have lots of old stuff to photograph." I just might take her up on that the rainy and windless day. I had a student this past semester in the advanced digital course whose project was done entirely in an old junk yard. Of course, I thought of his work when I saw these two old trucks.


Annie Cohn said...

I love this photo and miss you alot!

silverbullitt said...

Love this photo Frank! Those trucks would be a fun project to both photograph and restore. Could you send me a link of where this place is? Thanks for the link too!

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