Sunday, June 21, 2009


Ashby, Massachusetts 15 June 2009

There has been an ad running on TV lately about "contented cow" making for better dairy stuff in California. Well this MA cow above was really contented -- that is before I stopped to make this image. I had already slowed down to the speed limit in the Ashby when I first saw this cow laying out fully on her side, head laid out with her nose pointed towards the highway. You rarely see live cows in that position, but I noted she flicked a fly from her ear indicated that she was merely enjoying herself and not expired. When I stopped and got the camera out, she raised her head to keep an eye on me. She didn't really care if I was there, but she was keeping an eye on me. I told her to lay back down, but she wasn't having any of it.


luksky said...

Love her!

Don and Sher said...

There is so much that makes this shot great, fence, cow, road, house etc. very nice

Libbie said...

did your bovilexia flare up?

pitchertaker said...

Well them thar pills the doc gave me seems to be aholdin' it off jes fine, darlin. I trid talkin' to her in my regular Texan, but should wouldn't listen.

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