Thursday, June 04, 2009

URBAN Brimfield

Brimfield, Massachusetts 3 June 2009

This is the town where they hold the big antiques sales three times a year -- late spring, mid-summer, and late summer. I would guess there's a hundred acres of vendors at these gatherings hawking everything from junk to really good (and expensive) old stuff. And, of course, there are a number of year-round shops in and about the town. This one looked as though it had not been open for a couple of years.


Wild Cayuse Creek said...

I love how the glass roosters are grouped together.

That is a gorgeous photo. I love it.


pitchertaker said...

Thanks -- it was the splash of color from those glass roosters that made me do a U-turn and go back.


Don and Sher said...

Good eye,I find myself turning around more for a second look, nice job.

Olivia said...

i love the vibrant colors. and how they stand out on the antique lace. very lovely

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