Saturday, August 22, 2009


Dailey, Colorado August 1987
Calera, Alabama July 1987
Abilene, Texas July 1987
Hotchkiss, Colorado August 1987
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Paul Butzi said...

Oh, I love these.

That Treasure House - what an interesting building. It looks like it was once entirely a Quonset hut, but it got remodeled. Cool. Have you seen others like that?

pitchertaker said...

Paul: No I think that's the only one of those I've ever seen that had been lopped off like that. I've seen lots Quonset huts here there, but never a "remodeled one. I thought it so strange that not only was the building odd shaped, it had a weird Native American standing on the marquee, and the sign itself tells us it has "Oddities." How odd is that?

Don and Sher said...

These are great I really love looking for buildings with old signs, I swear that some of the old roadside stands I see are only standing because of the signs holding them up.


Louie said...

It's almost certainly an old movie theater.

That being said I would have loved to go in and see what they had for sale.

GREAT pics BTW Frank, keep 'em coming!

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