Monday, August 24, 2009


Storey County, Nevada August 1985
Colorado August 1985
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey January 1985
Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico August 1987


Paul Butzi said...

Trees. Mmmmm.

So the interesting thing about Aspens is that they propagate with runners underground. So when you're standing in a grove of Aspens, although they appear to be individual trees, it's actually all one organism.

Steve Skinner said...

Love all of them! Hope there are more to follow.

Billie said...

Ganging these photos by subject matter, is quite intriguing. Where is this headed? or do you know yet?

pitchertaker said...

Paul -- I remember reading that about aspens. I have to admit that I've alway wanted to make a definitive aspen grove image, but haven't gotten there, yet. Not that I haven't tried. It's like the holy grail of the classical western landscape image. I'll try to find some others.

pitchertaker said...

Billie: Headed? No place in particular, I'm just puttin' stuff out there to see how people respond. Since I have bunches of images that dialoged alike, why not show my interest has been continuing. That's all, no hidden agenda.

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