Saturday, October 24, 2009


Maggie and Alma, Carizozo, New Mexico May 14, 1992

During a SWPW workshop in 1992, we stopped in Carizozo, NM, and while roaming the streets, these two ladies came out to see what we were doing across from their house. We talked, I asked permission to photograph them with the 8x10. This is Maggie and Alma, known in Carizozo at "The Aunts" -- they are retired old maid school teachers. Spent their entire careers in the Carizozo schools. When passing through Carizozo in 2002, I asked about them, and was told they had both moved to a retirement home. Last I heard of them.


Wild Cayuse Creek said...

What a beautiful pair of ladies. I bet they have some stories to tell.

pitchertaker said...

Considering the ladies were already well into their 70's, I fear their stories can no longer be told. One of my short comings is I never thought about oral histories in those days.

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