Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Discovery Bay August 1997


Don and Sher said...

Probably some great stories were spun at Buds. Looks like the gas pump has been beat up a couple of times. Preserving shots from the past like this is what it is all about.

Edd Fuller said...

Tire retreading is almost a thing of the past, at least for passenger cars and light trucks. Used to be nearly every town had retreading business. With all the concern for recycling you would think that retreading would still be going strong. But anyway, I am intriqued by the photograph, with the shapes and the signs and the two trees looking over. Thanks.

pitchertaker said...

Don and Sher: these are the places of my heart. As we grow older, places like "Bud's Tires" evoke memories of our past. I had never seen "Bud's Tires" before I made this image, but I had seen other places like this, but for some reason, it all came together as something complete, a combining of several memories. Mostly for me, it is the representation of the passage of time from one era to another that interest me. Bud's not longer exist because Bud has moved on either to retire (no pun intended) or to the grave. A new tire store would never put two quanset huts together -- they'd build a new shiny steel building on a slab. All things only live for a certain period of time, and then they pass. I like to record their passing so we can remember what use to be.

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