Thursday, March 04, 2010


Tanqueray Martini, Applyby's, Staunton, Va 4 March 2010

Ellen and I are off on a road trip through the heart of the southland. She's searching for relatives long gone to fill in some holes in her genelogical research, and I get to wander the back roads of the deep south in seach of images. Kinda' reliving the images of Walker Evans, and William Christainberry. It's a good deal because we both get to do what you like most. Tonight we are in Staunton, VA, birth place of Woodrow "Woody" Wilson. This was pointed out to me by Blaine Pennington, a Facebook friend -- thanks, Blaine. The great thing about road trips are the new things you learn. Onward.


Don and Sher said...

Boy do I need a road trip, stay safe and have a good time.


Edd Fuller said...

Welcome to Virginia. I am located on the other side of the Blue Ridge from Staunton just north of Charlottesville. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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