Monday, October 04, 2010

AND SO IT ENDS....until next year.

Big Papi powers a dribbler back to the mound. Oh, yay! So ends another failed Red Sox season. Ellen and I went to this "nothing at stake" game (for either the Red Sox nor the Yankees) because someone made some good tickets available to us. Kinda' an early birthday present for me -- turn 75 next Sunday -- and I had never been to a ball game in Fenway Park. Now if the Pat's can just get past Miami tonight. Onward.


Don and Sher Cooper said...

Well may I be the first to wish you an early but happy Birthday

Kristen said...

Hi Frank,
Not sure if you remember me but I was in your intro to digital photography class at Clark, I think in fall of 2007. Well, I am getting married in September of 2011, to that guy with the great hands of which I made the focus of my project. Well we have been looking for a photographer and I thought I would try to get a hold of you to see if you did wedding photography? I'd love to catch up and chat sometime. Hope you are doing well.
Kristen Domurad
You can still reach me at

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