Saturday, February 26, 2011


Axtell, Texas 8 January 2011

And "Frosty" told us how hot it was....I don't know that I've seen a Frosty Root Beer since I was a teenager. They could still exist, I just haven't seen one. In my adult life, I've move away from soft drinks toward something Shiner Bock. I remember root beer floats at the A&W Drive-In's. I don't know if they exist any more, either. When I was just out of the Navy and back living in Longview, out on High Street was a place called "The Malt Shop." It was one of the old type places where young women would come out to your car much like the Sonic Drive-In's today. I can remember even further back when my grandmother operated a place that had drive-in service where you could order a BB-Q sandwich along with a beer, or you could just get a beer on hot day in East Texas. That place was called the Green Lantern and was out on West Main Street in Henderson, Texas. (That's "Hen'erson" for you E-Tex folk.)

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