Thursday, April 21, 2011


Snyder, Texas 7 March 2011

I rolled into Snyder on Sunday evening just as it was getting dark. It had been a pretty good day, picture-wise (take a look back through the archive). Snyder was the closest town with decent motels, but was rather shocked at the local prices for a room. Normally in these smaller cities, places like the Hampton Inn (and the like) are about $90 a night, but this one, was well over $100. What does that say about Snyder? It gets worse.

I had come in on the main north/south highway, Texas 350, which is sort of the main drag, and the motel was east on US 84 Business. I note all sorts of brightly glowing fast-food places. At the motel, I asked the clerk for restaurant recommendation, and she gave me a couple of places check out. Of course, I was looking for Tex-Mex, and she give me directions to three places, one being the biggest and fanciest place in town (she told me it was expensive). Funny thing, none of them were open on Sundays. Driving about town on Sunday night, I finally found one restaurant of any kind, other than the likes of Micky D's, etc., Taqueria Guadalajara. Food was OK, and they did serve Dos Equis, so all was not lost.

Remind me to not stay in Snyder again especially on Sunday evenings.

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Pat Tillett said...

I'll bet that sign was really something back in the day...
I know the feeling about small towns. You may have been lucky to find anything good open.
Great post and photo!

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