Friday, May 27, 2011


Peacock, Texas 13 March 2011

I love it that when I first posted this image back in the early spring someone commented: "Nothing says proud like an old rusted out, red Ford truck." How true. (Yes, I know I've been re-posting a few images, but these latest postings are the final edited version -- previous version were quick, on-the-road edits.) Listed as having 125 residents in 2000 census, I doubt there are more than 25 proudly living there currently.


Mommy Kelly said...

The town of Peacock was named after my great-great-grandfather. His daughter Ruby Peacock married LH Matthews, my great-grandfather. Their son Lester Hardaway was born in Peacock and later moved to Jayton. He is still alive at 95-year-old today and lives in Sonoma, California. I would love to see more pictures of Peacock if you could send or post more so I could share them with him.

pitchertaker said...

Mommy Kelly -- thanks for the come-back on Peacock. The two images posted are the only two I made during my very brief visit. Might make it through there again this coming spring.

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