Monday, June 27, 2011


Three Rivers National Monument, New Mexico October 2002


Don and Sher said...

Lot of space out there, I don't know much about it but are there any old drawings along the way or are they the modern day graffiti?

pitchertaker said...

Those are petroglyphs carved (hammered) into the desert varnish face of the rocks by the people who pre-date the Hopi and Navaho peoples. It is estimated that the carvings here at Three Rivers were done around around 1000 AD. Read about it here:
Totally cool place because of the concentration of the drawings -- around 21,000 of them is a relative small accessible very remote area. Just over the hill, about 30 miles further north, is the Trinity Cite:

Pat Tillett said...

I'm glad nobody seems to have defaced them. It looks to be a very desolate location. Thanks for the ongoing tour!

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