Thursday, June 02, 2011


Jacksboro, Texas
Hamlin, Texas
Bromartin, Texas
Bromartin, Texas
Authon, Texas

Another group of five images all shot on film and made during my March trip through West Texas. I used my Pentax 67, and to my surprise, only two lenses: the 45mm and the 75mm perspective control lens. And most images were made using a red filter in combination with either Ilford FP4-Plus or HP5-Plus. Development was in D-76 at a 1:1 dilution, processed in my JOBO. Scans of the negatives were made with the Epson V700 using the Epson Scan Pro software. Finish processing is with Photoshop CS5 on my HP i7 powered desktop. I proof all my images using Ilford's Gold Fiber Silk, 8.5x11", printing with the Epson 3800. While I can print 17x22" here at the house, I can print 24x36" at school with our Epson 7900. For big finished prints, I use either Epson Exhibtion Fiber or Canson's Infinity Photographique Baryta Gloss. Those two paper respond extremely well to the 7900's HDR inks.

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