Thursday, September 15, 2011


West Boylston, MA 21 May 2011

This seems only yesterday, but it was four months ago. But as I said in my last post, it's been a "no photo summer" for me. Seeing that I have begun the new semester at school, and seeing that I have assigned blogging to my Intro to Digital Photography class, I thought, I too should post something, anything, I choose this spring image because it's a nice image of Sadie, and I like the colors. For the past three months, the porch has been covered with "ram board" to protect it from the construction people. In this view, I had finally power washed the winter off. Everything is looking spiffy. Not so much now, but I have "people" coming to give the outside of the house a scrubbing.

Summer has come and gone so fast, the remodeling is almost complete -- I wish I could say the same for the wedding plans for my daughter. Things are getting a bit frantic.....just two more weeks and life can get back to normal. New rugs came today and they are spreed out in the living room (formerly the big storage room) "relaxing" their curl. Off to paint the new cabinet doors my brother made for the corner cabinet in the dining room. I made the cabinet ten years ago, and Ellen wants doors. The list is now down to about 60 "to-do" items unless Ellen or Libbie have added to it. Onward.

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Don and Sher said...

Onward and upward, great to see you back.

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