Monday, October 10, 2011


Havana, Cuba March 2003

Even though Libbie's wedding was a week ago, I still have a few images that were hung in the house just for her. However, I must admit I hung this image for me. It is one of the few images from the trip Ellen and I made to Cuba eight years ago that still resonates with me about the people we saw and met. At first seeing the entourage walking down the street, I thought maybe a wedding, but later found out it was probably a confirmation. Traditions still run strong in Cuba, and this girl, in the heat of the day, stopping every half-block or so to gently blot the perspiration from her face as to not spoil her make-up, had to walk at least 10 blocks to church. Someone suggest that the confirmation had already taken place and she was merely headed to a place to have images made. But I'll never know the real story, and that's the best part about the genre of "street photography" -- the narrative is left to the viewer. For the photographer, it's the moment that counts.


Pat Tillett said...

Not knowing the story makes the photo even better.

pitchertaker said...

Pat -- I have about four shots of them approaching me and stopping to blot, but it was this last one with the girl on the right looking back that I liked most. I'm not sure I care to "know the rest of the story."

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