Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Highgrove, Texas    March 2009

I was going back over old digital files looking for images of water related subject matter.  I came across this image, and like a lot of other images, overlooked.  The question of why doesn't have a simple answer, but probably has to do with the over abundance of images that pour forth from my digital camera.  Didn't do that with film, but with the digital camera, I shoot just about everything that passes in front of me.  I should pay more attention to editing when I upload all those digital files.  That said, it is fun to find the surprises every so often.


Pat Tillett said...

Hey there! Hope you are doing well!
I've also found that to be a problem with digital that I didn't have with film. Plus, when I switched to digital I thought I've have much less equipment. I think I have at least just as much as before.

pitchertaker said...

Pat -- I've always had too much equipment, why, I don't know. I tend to like my cameras and lenses. That said, I tend to use my equipment probably more than most people. I have a camera with me at all time when I'm out and about. The mail reason I gave up film was having to with flying places. I just got tired of all the hassle of trying to keep the TSA from ruining everything. Digital solved that problem.

Don and Sher said...

I carry my D90 with a 18 to 135 and that is it, my wife only uses a 55 to 200 unless we feel artsy and play with the Lens Baby system.

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