Saturday, September 08, 2012


Mountain Home, Arkansas 1 August 2012

It had been a long and extremely hot day, in fact, the whole trip was one long hot day, one after the other. When we pulled up at the relatively new Days Inns -- the only place we found rooms in town -- I noticed this bright blue tank with the little tree sitting squarely in front. It was early evening and the sky was gray behind, but the parking lot light was yet to be lighted. I should mention that about five Harley's pulled up at the same time that I quickly grabbed my Canon 5D2 and made an image of the tank and tree before checking in. There were a few drops of rain and the cyclist seemed happy to get in out of the weather. Later that evening after a couple of beers, some supper, and a shot or two of tequila, I processed out that image and posted it on Facebook.

However, the next morning as we were checking out and loading all the cameras back into the truck, I looked over at the big blue tank. The parking lot was wet with gently falling rain, the light was still on, and the sky was oh so much more dramatic. This time I mounted the Pentax 645D with my 35mm Pentax 645 FA lens on the tripod to make this image. I processed this image out late last night, and realized it was so much better than the one I had posted previously on Facebook. In my opinion, it's one of the better images from the trip.

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