Thursday, December 18, 2014


Marlborough, MA


Worcester, MA

Worcester, MA

I have always been on to carry a camera with me just about everywhere I go.  And lately that camera has been my cell phone.  I have to admit that my first camera in a ;phone I had was not very good, maybe better stated as poor.  Things have improved muchly since that time.  No, I do not have an iPhone, rather a Samsung Galaxy Note II.  Could never bring myself to own an Apple product, I don't like the taste of heir CoolAid.  The Note II's camera is only 8-mega-pixels, but if the light is good, it does very well.  In fact, I would put it up against the old Canon Rebel XT which I owned about 10 years ago.  Think about that: a simple cell phone camera performing at the level of a dSLR.  Last week my wife and I upgraded our Note II's to the new Note 4.  It's camera is really good, 1000% improvement over the Note II.  I'll try and post a few images in the next few weeks to show what it can do.  I was thinking about buying mirrorless small camera to carry with me, but with this new phone, I'm rethinking that.

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