Saturday, May 30, 2015


Couldn't post yesterday because the band-width at the KOA campground where we stayed was just not much to write home about. Am continuing to make image across Iowa, and tonight we're just inside Minnesota at Jackson. Covered a lot of ground today and saw mostly 6-inch high corn, and just sprouting soy beans.

However, yesterday yielded a couple of interesting images. This one is in Adair, IL. Talked to a local and he told us the Pool Hall is still in use....really? Would have loved to go inside, but not possible. Just inside the front door is a barber's chair with a pool table further back in the single room. We were told they play pool every Thursday evening, and if you want, the owner of the building's wife will cut your hair.

Down the road a bit is the town of Good Hope, IL. Driving through we were mildly surprised to find they use pink trash bins. Stopped a guy coming down the street on in riding mower. He had just comed from mowing his mother's yard at the house where he was born. He said it was just the town's way of supporting breast cancer research.

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