Saturday, August 29, 2015


Creston, Ohio 5/27/2015

We drove almost 24,000 miles, 5,161 digital files, 101 Gigs of images. We saw bear, moose, caribou, and a few other animals. Wish we could have seen a wolf.  We did get good view of "the mountain" -- Denali.

Mt. Denali, Denali National Park, Alaska 7/24/2015

We were told that only 30% of the people who visit the park ever see this scene.  It is mostly shrouded in clouds.  At 20,320 feet, it literally makes it own weather. This view is from the east side and about 60 miles from the peak.

Fairbanks, Alaska 6/12/2015

One of the most interesting things we found not only in Alaska, but all through British Columbia and the Yukon, there were small Thai food trailers.  Almost every small bump in the road had one.

Copper Center, Alaska 6/30/2015

I always enjoy cemeteries, and Alaska did not disappoint. Every grave in this cemetery located in the Copper River basin has a fence around it.  And as if every family had it own color -- red, blue, yellow, white, and some unpainted.

Miles 1164, Alaska Highway, Yukon Territores, Canada

Amazing how many places we found abandoned. Obviously once thriving, now in total ruin. Must say it make for some good images.

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