Wednesday, May 16, 2007


West Boylston, Massachusetts May 16, 2007

OK, so I missed posting a daily image yesterday. Wanna' step outside and make som'm of it? And what's with the three images of the same scene? Just this -- the top most image was shot just like my previous three image post of this scene here, using my EF Canon 28-105 lens on the XT, the second image is a crop from the bottom image which was shot using my EF-s Canon 10-22mm lens on the XT. My point in all this is my surprise that the crop from the 10-22 lens seems stretched from side-to-side evidenced by more rectangular format of the image. Wonder why? The way it is supposed to work is so long as both images where shot from the exact same position -- in this case, standing within the frame of my mudroom door -- perspective should remain exactly the same. The only different in the two images before the crop should be the increased area of the wider angle lens. At least that's what all the books on lenses say. At least the azalea is pretty.

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